IV Ogólnopolski Zlot Renault i Dacia
Data: Od 23-06-2013 (Niedziela)
do 23-06-2013 (Niedziela)
Godz. rozp.: 10:00
Adres: Plac im. Sikorskiego
Miejscowo¶ć: Siedlce
Wojewodztwo: Mazowieckie
Strona www: www.zlot.chroscicki.pl
E-mail: zlot@chroscicki.pl
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IV Ogólnopolski Zlot Miło¶ników Renault i Dacia
23 czerwca 2013 - Siedlce, plac Sikorskiego (centrum miasta)

AMS Chró¶cicki


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For a department store like no other in the world, any ol’ anniversary celebration just doesn’t cut it. Where most companies might be tempted to celebrate 75 or 100 or 120 years in business, Bergdorf Goodman has saved up all its celebratory energy for a singular date

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befitting a singular store, and this year, its feting its 111th anniversary with a whole host of special goodies, all the way from special shopping bags to custom iPhone cases to limited edition bags, shoes and clothes from some of the

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world’s most sought-after designers. When we heard who would be contributing purses to the effort, we couldn’t wait to see how they’d turn out. The collection recently launched on BergdorfGoodman.com, and with handbags from Gucci, Fendi, Chloe, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Nancy Gonzalez,

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VBH and Judith Leiber, there are plenty of heavy-hitting limited editions to choose from. Some of them, like the Gucci totes with the Bergdorf facade embossed on the front, are already sold out, but my personal favorites – the Balenciaga convertable


tote and the purple Proenza Schouler PS11 – are still up for grabs. Check out the handbags after the jump or shop the full selection of 111th Anniversary pieces via Bergdorf Goodman. Other than PursBlog’s readers (and writers), perhaps the people who

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love handbags more than anyone else are rappers, and we’d like to think that somewhere (probably in Paris), Kanye West will be celebrating National Handbag Day along with us tomorrow. If you’ve listened to hip hop radio in the last 10

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years, you know exactly what we’re talking about – songwriters seem to shop as much as we do, which is a lot, when you factor in that shopping is our job. Handbags fit perfectly with exactly the kind of post-modern, upwardly mobile

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braggadocio that rappers traffic in so commonly, which means that, when you get down to it, Jay-Z raps about brands for the same reason that so many people shell out to buy their products. Bags are particularly recognizable and status-laden, and

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because designer bags have, to some extent, entered the wider American lexicon, rapping about them and carrying them are both supremely effective ways to telegraph to others that you are, in the immortal words of Nene Leakes, very rich. It’s yet

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another reason to love handbags, even if it’s not a reason everyone’s willing to cop to. There is, predictably, no shame in these rappers’ (and Fergie’s) games. Check out the best sing-along handbag shout-outs below, but be warned: these songs all contain

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explicit content and may not be appreciated by you, your coworkers, your boss, your parents or your pastor. If you get fired, grounded or sentenced to eternal damnation, well, we warned you. We are breezing into Fall, PurseForum Roundup fans! We have

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been busy with Fashion Week coverage, of course, but we’ve still made plenty of time to visit the PurseForum and see what our members have been up to. From fall shawls to furry friends, we have quite a varied Roundup for

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you, so come on in! Of course, the PurseForum is not just for ladies! Admittedly, women make up largest portion of our membership, but we certainly enjoy catching up with the gentlemen in our fashionable family. This week in Gucci, we

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found a wonderful reveal by Dorf, who picked up a classic messenger bag and belt at one of Gucci’s flagship boutiques. This was a nice addition to his growing collection, which we saw expand earlier in the month. Do you want

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to know what’s in the boxes? Stop by and see! Also in Gucci, we found Sariwoo’s first Gucci purchase, some darling shoes. Speaking of shoes, ShariW found a match made in heaven with her recent purchase in rich ruby red. Fans of

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the always-fashionable bamboo top-handle bag are sharing the love in this thread, and we have a lively discussion going on the longevity of the disco bag

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style, thanks to member StarBrite310. We know what this picture has you thinking. Time to visit The Kitchen. Nope! We found this little treat during our visit to Beauty and Make-up this week, where we did our best to catch up with Nail Care, Make-up, and The Beauty Bar. We mentioned the Indie Polish Swap earlier this month, and this week we found yet another swap making

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the rounds; this time the PurseForum Beauty Swap Box Number 9 is underway. Be sure to check in and see what beauty treats our members are exchanging with one another. In Nail Care, our creative members have put a ghoulish twist on

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the Secret Santa concept and started a Secret Goblin gift round, and the Halloween-themed packages are just beginning to arrive at their destinations. The fun really is in the unwrapping! VuittonsLover was first up, and was delighted to share her bounty

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here. She was soon followed by windchimes, whose Secret Goblin sent her a tiny jar of Nutella to kick things off, and believe it or not, it gets better from there! Stop in and see what else was in the boxes—this

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thread is sure to be great fun to watch!

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